About Graywolf

A thousand terrors in the night
luminous eyes, large and bright

- Micah Colón

I was told that I needed to update the info on my personal page as it was getting a little... dated perhaps. I guess it probably was since I hadn't done much on the site for a while and I can't recall if I ever updated it or put it off until later.

Well, it's later.

Micah Colón, occasionally known as Graywolf due to an affinity for wolves and a vanity login required to be eight characters or less. I can't really say that it doesn't fit sometimes. So... personal stuff about me.

It's kind of hard to write about who I am, primarily because it changes... and then I have to update this. I'm in my 20s (that should hold it for a little while!), I graduated from NC State University in Raleigh with dual degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Science -- a goal set back in high school when I wasn't entirely sure what either of them really meant in terms of getting a job. It took me a little longer to get both degrees but it's been nice getting a fairly decent background in software and hardware. The field of possibilities is a little wider, perhaps.

I am the youngest of four, two older brothers and sister. It's been the oddest thing getting to know all of them as age factors less and less now that we're all adults. I certainly can't say I was always on the best of terms with all of them. My parents kind of get grouped in with that as well having mellowed with age and the fact that we're all out of their hair. It's scary to think that they're more active than I am most of the time, these days.

What else...

I like to cook (probably because I like to eat, *grin*), I sleep on the floor, 3+ alarms don't always wake me up, and I have ten fingers and ten toes. I only have two ears but I received two eyes to put on the one head, so I can't complain too much. Too much. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you "can't complain." Total lie. You can complain all you want. Probably won't do you much good all the time but you can complain.

I read heavily in cycles, to the detriment of sleep, life, and (though rarely) food at times. I don't own a TV, VCR, or even a proper stereo but I do have multiple calendars on my wall. Sometimes they even show the proper month. I'm picky about my lighting, God has answered my phone, and I owe a lot of money for school. Despite the last part, I still hold to the fact that the one major thing I learned while in college was how to juggle.

I can't remember names, I can't run a mile, I can't play the violin, I can't hit the bull's eye everytime, and I can't drive too fast anymore because I can't afford it. I can sleep almost anywhere, bowl well occasionally, sing poorly, and hit the bull's eye every once in a while. Please don't ask me to sing.

I can also stop writing, I think. If you have any questions you'll just have to ask me.

Copyright (C) 1997-2007, Micah Colón
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