Graywolf's Den


Hi, welcome to Graywolf's Den. If you've landed at this site then you either know me, or you happen to have drastically mistyped the URL you were entering. Either way, you're here and that was your first mistake. The second mistake you've made is to continue reading. I now have you trapped here in my realm and you shall never escape, haha! Whoops. What I meant to say was that you are welcome to stay and get caught in my infinitely wonderful web and be trapped for all time.... Umm, well not quite.

Anyway, you are here and since I have put a lot of time into making this site, I recommend that you take a look at it. I do realize that a lot of it is about me, but you can skip those pages if you want. I mean, there really isn't anything there you would want to know, right? Or are you stalking me? Oh no! I think I'll leave you alone now...

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